In today’s name

Only world we create

Between Haven and Earth, Man is a measure of humanity, measure of good and evil.
How we behave, we create our life, existence and future.
Today’s amount of greed, lies, unequally is perpetuated by lows of men, not the laws of Heaven and Earth.
Humanity is here to guard, care and nourish that space between Haven and Earth.
Not to destroy on light of selfish interest.
As people should know it. Also other kinds of intelligence can be good assets to combine this huge difference that we make in last few hundred years.
But selfishness brought us here where people don’t know what nature is.
Where broken pictures create our reality.
Industry of fear and hopelessness takes their share.


Why people are throwing away nature ways, truth, kindness.
And filthy and broken chase their money or pray. Giggling in some dark corner thinking there is power of them. Blind ignorants concentrated on their pleasure in passionate chase of deadheading.

It is beyond common sense what group of interest make to whole existence in their narrow minded interest of Pleasure. Blind to ancestors and those who will come. In a name of greed, and power.

Low self-esteem figures play their last show in front of their own doomed stage. Looking at a crowd who will finish the show. And make a new one for them. All the need is in moral code of humanity. Force need to guard it. Not cover the ills of few.

If we plane to have a future with AI we need to be guided by moral code or we make a founding stone of our extinction.

Don’t lie to yourself.

Find a spirit in you and talk to your self. Talk to people you don’t agree with. Find a way or we all be just nothing.

Think about it. Think about it until you get it.
There is no proudness in shooting in your guts. And people are one. So what you do to others. Waits for you and it lurking for a moment of a execution.

If there is a code to live by. It is code of a man, heaven and Earth my friend. Not the force who are thinking there is nothing bigger the Man.

Destiny will reach you soon enough. Be good.

Published by Nediljko B. Basić

I like to find old knowledge, new ways, art in everyday life. Joy in work and work in Joy. I find Life is Art if we perceive it the right way.

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