Razgovori s GPT-em 1

Povećanje koncentracije i mira. Kako povećati koncentraciju i mir uma Postoji mnogo načina da se poveća koncentracija i mir uma, a neke od njih uključuju: Kombiniranjem ovih pristupa možete povećati svoju koncentraciju i mir uma te unaprijediti kvalitetu svog života.


Best Crowdfunding Sites in 2023 Europe area. Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm, offering entrepreneurs and startups a chance to bring their innovative ideas to life by connecting them with supporters who are passionate about their vision. In the ever-expanding world of crowdfunding, it’s essential to find the right platform for your project, oneContinue reading “Crowdfunding”

Android PC Remote Control. 

Mihael Viktor: Is it possible to manipulate your PC from an Android phone   Chat GPT: Yes, it is possible to manipulate your PC from an Android phone using various remote desktop apps and software. These applications enable you to access your computer remotely and control it as if you were sitting in front of it. Continue reading “Android PC Remote Control. “

Song that wrote AI on suggested key words.

I think it’s pretty awesome today find a new way of creating. This song is writhen by ChatGPT with key words input. It will be interesting what you think about it. 🖐️ Here comes the song: Verse 1: Summer sky so bright and blue Eternity in the eyes of two A woman and a manContinue reading “Song that wrote AI on suggested key words.”

When you climbing to the mountain

When you climbing to the mountain.Starting from the bottom of a rock.Getting stuck in the shelter.Thinking about withdrawing your intention.Sitting still in the nothingness of thoughts.Deeply bedazzled by the way to go. And suddenly you reach a point.High enough to continue the advancement.Low enough to abandon the purpose.Then you see behind you in all theContinue reading “When you climbing to the mountain”

Svijet ljudi

Ljudi su bića bitka, utkani u njemu. Veliki i mali, uski i široki, po životu dani. Kao mala djeca otkrivaju stvarnost svakog jutra iznova. Dojma sam da gladni punim poljima lutaju, u zabludijelu uvjerenju naslijeđenih mišljenja. Tako britko, nježno ili grubo njegovanih. Drže ih se kao brodolomci jarbola. Slijepi za krenuti u smjeru kojim žele.Continue reading “Svijet ljudi”

In today’s name

Between Haven and Earth, Man is a measure of humanity, measure of good and evil.How we behave, we create our life, existence and future.Today’s amount of greed, lies, unequally is perpetuated by lows of men, not the laws of Heaven and Earth.Humanity is here to guard, care and nourish that space between Haven and Earth.NotContinue reading “In today’s name”