When you climbing to the mountain

When you climbing to the mountain.
Starting from the bottom of a rock.
Getting stuck in the shelter.
Thinking about withdrawing your intention.
Sitting still in the nothingness of thoughts.
Deeply bedazzled by the way to go.

And suddenly you reach a point.
High enough to continue the advancement.
Low enough to abandon the purpose.
Then you see behind you in all the climb.
Rise, advancement, elevation, ascent.
All the struggle for higher views.
All the time you step throughout.
And mountain whistle windy song.
Hey, you little one common along.

You leave your deepest fears,.
You leave all you passed away.
Delightful comforts of lower altitudes.
And rise to see the top of the world.
Forgetting all the pain and discomfort.
Heading to where you discerned your soul.
Getting up and up until you reach a goal.

Bright willingness heal the scratches.
And you are on your own again Home.
Looking from the top,
You know you won,
Mountain call you and you make it done.

Just keep climbing up.
Forget what you need to keep getting on.
And the sun will shine in your success.
And the heart will reach the paradise.

Triviality will be forgotten in a moment.

And a new whisper…

you will have from another mountain.

Hey, you little one…

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