A thin line of sight

There are days when little light pass-through nerves.

Leaving shells lighted on, without any doubt there is seen, what it was, whetted it be.

Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday a history, will we follow our steps in same space or take another story.

Many things there in the past, many things are that’s to move toward.

We all decide when to be silent, and when to roar.

Change is unavoidable, nevertheless, it’s a seed for growth. We are the ones who stand behind the wheel, and thus those who chose by the way what we will feel.

Sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Life is unfolding somewhat that we not been told.

Learn our curve, stand still, and strong. Learn how to sail, and escape the wrong.

Life is changing from here to there, but the nature of things is flowing everywhere.

We can’t afford to disobey our souls, so we must build them to be rightful and oriented to our goals.

Nothing is more deceptive than a dream that we not chase. Or a lack of will to be in the present moment without our grace.

A load of things pass through us, more to come, more to grasp.

So my friend, fly to your dreams, with a heavy holder, and stronger wings.

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