Life quotes and something with it.

Happy day to everyone 😇😘😀 !

Dreams are making our day, if it is being bad or good, that prepare us for something that day will come, make us stronger, and more importantly give us precognition or courage for that event. Or maybe we will be traumatized and take it as we know it prevailed in our weakness of spirit. But the same thing is with a nice or gentle dream. We have a day full of joy and it sensibility us to some events, and when it happens we can understand the importance of it. Or we can be superior to happening in the light of our feelings.

Periodically we have insight into the mechanism of dreams and we see if we are going to choose from including ourselves in a good way or the other hand the bad way. We choose our life’s development. So be wise in choosing a reaction towards the dreams you heritage from the night you leave moments ago and think in the face of upcoming events. Be wise, be modest.

The universe is more important and remarkable than we can comprehend in a moment when we wake up and shaking of our dreams, or cherish them in our minds. So breathe and watch the magic of life occurring.

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