Looking out

Trough my own mind

Opening my eyes in the morning.

Looking through the fog of thoughts,

Trying to recall the reason for existing,

Clearing my vision with old dusty book,

And the remembrance of a colossus personality arouses.

Every impression is taken from the words of great ancestors.

Build my world back where it belongs to, to the river of eternal knowledge.

Old ways, unshaken with fear and lust, merged with the greatness of life, forged in realms of chevalier harts.

And back in reality.

Who we are today living in a world made by great spirits and courage of a millions.

Playing hide and seek in lust for fake wealth, forgetting how essential things are made and functioning.

Whole world splitting in intellectual segregation in highly informed digital era.

We forgot what is right, and accept what is easy. And the idea of false wellbeing is scuffing by the reality of universal law.

So I see on what we spending time on

So I see why someone just take what is served, and the other search for the source concept or ideas.

So I see

Another day, another disbelief how it can be.

It can, it is, it will be.

And we are one who chose to be humans or just another daydreamer in served reality.

Take a deep look at your self, and find what is great about to be alive.

Maybe there is a chance, there will always be a chance until we understand the nature of things.

And then I go to sleep.

Tomorrow is another world to live in.

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